James Cam'Ron

For Chicago-raised artist James Cam’Ron, the interplay of community has always proven central to everything he does, and the turn up has always been real. While many get into music or art to prove something, Cam’Ron’s foray into the sonic waves of the world was instead a natural outgrowth of the world he found himself occupying on a day to day basis. Steadily nestled amongst a cross-section of talented, alternative-leaning hip-hop acts during the early days of the Chicago Renaissance, the Englewood native learned to play his part, observe and study while working on his own thematics to offer to the world. 

Having spent the last half-decade collaborating with a range of local talents across many mediums, James heads into the summer 2017 with a renewed focus and restocked resources that aim to bring the creatives of the city together with good vibes central to the theme as always. Taking a cue from the artist’s lifestyle and general disposition, the music itself ties itself back to a central theme. Full of oversized synth sections and downtempo vocal meanderings, its a style packaged from a past era reimagined through the lens of a trippy twenty-something in the middle of the country. While not his first foray into music, this latest project and endeavor both find the 27-year-old having much more fun with his craft, a feeling that shines through in his latest work. With his magnum opus, James Cam’Ron’s House on the way, expect plenty more from James Cam’Ron.